The Orthodontic Society of Ireland

The Orthodontic Society of Ireland (OSI) is the professional body representing the majority of the Orthodontists in Ireland. Founded in 1990, the OSI promotes best practice in Orthodontics through education and research.

Each member of the OSI is both a qualified dentist and recognised as a specialist orthodontist by the Dental Council of Ireland. The OSI provides its members with a strong professional network and continual training courses. The calibre of local and international lecturers together with our affiliation to international orthodontic organisations ensure OSI members are kept abreast of the latest orthodontic tools and techniques.

The Orthodontic Society of Ireland

Not only are straight teeth more pleasing to the eye, but they are also easier to clean and are more likely to resist wear over time. Crooked and crowded teeth can contribute to gum disease and tooth decay. Getting a beautiful straight smile is possible for any age and makes our patients feel better about themselves, leading to an increase in self esteem.

A dentist is likely to refer a patient in need of orthodontic treatment to a  specialist orthodontist.  Orthodontics is the specialised branch of dentistry that can help achieve a beautiful, healthy smile!

The Orthodontic Society of Ireland

To be recognised as an orthodontic specialist by the Irish Dental Council, it is necessary to first qualify as a general dentist by completing at least 5 years of dental undergraduate training. Then, a further 3 year, full time, post graduate training in orthodontics is necessary to qualify as an orthodontic specialist. A specialist orthodontist is best positioned and best educated to analyse & determine the causes of your orthodontic problems and the most effective treatment plan.

OSI members are fully trained, registered specialist orthodontists with the expertise and experience needed to ensure that you receive the best treatment, the best result and the best value for money.

Is your Orthodontist a Registered Specialist?

To find out if your dentist is registered as a specialist orthodontist, follow the link to the specialist register below. Orthodontists listed in the Specialist Register of Orthodontics have complied with the Irish Dental Council's conditions for registration and are entitled to practice as Dental Specialists in Ireland.

Specialist Register of Orthodontists

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